Cats are literally the cutest nerds ever


Going to tell you something that you don’t know, she likes people with hair.

Is that what you call whatever that look is you have going on there. 


you don’t know who i am.

I know who she is . 


u lost your girlfriend to me

absolutely not. 

charmingrelic replied to your post: Sure Jemma when you go undercover you …

sorry jasper

You’re going to owe me for a long time for that one buddy. 

Sure Jemma when you go undercover you get yourself a new girlfriend.  When I go undercover I get myself hit by a mack truck.  

  • bobbi morse: [breathes]
  • jemma simmons: (ノ゜∇゜)ノ♡

What if May picked that restaurant because Val owns it? (okay it’s more likely that that restaurant name was picked because the meeting was a bit reminiscent of a certain Secret Warriors meeting but I can still hope it’s more than just an easter egg) 


[silence, eyes narrow, and his voice goes to a growl] I can, and will make you pay for this.

Such sweet promises, Felix.  


[smirk disappears] But I was …

No, Sitwell. I am not.

[bright smile] You of all people know we can’t be too careful about these things. 


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