I need a battered and bruised Jasper Sitwell to show up in the Playground or wherever Phil is and Phil just smacks his head “goddammit Jas” then hugs that end in that awkward manly pat to make it manly. I have no idea where my Sitwell feels come from but goddamn.


Phil raises an eyebrow and takes his own sip of coffee before slipping the keys from his pocket to slip them to Roger, “if you scratch her,” his lips curl into a dark smirk, “then I’ll scratch you. Understood?”

"Clearly not a trace of objectiphilia." Jasper said as he watched the exchange.  "Coulson you’re in love with your car, stop denying it and at least you two will be happy." 


Oh Jasper, darling— I’m always so glad for your respect and support.


You’re never glad of it, you always need it. 

Get in the damn shower. 


His first reaction is to say “don’t touch Lola,” but now he has a point to prove. So he pastes a fake smile on his face and shakes his head, “not at all.”

"Alright then, just give Roger your keys and let’s head to the meeting." Jasper knows either way this plays out he wins this one so he takes a long drink of his coffee with a smile.  

Anonymous inquired: Son. Have you done your homework.


Trust me, I understand. After all, Jasper, you don’t have enough hair to be either my mother or my father. 

And yet you’re causing me to parent you. 


"To be honest, I’d prefer they didn’t. I survived war so I think i can handle some harsh criticism. But not much I can do to change that, Sitwell. So just hit me with whatever is on your mind."

"You’re a hero, Captain, people don’t forget that, and perhaps they shouldn’t." 


"and maybe what that means is you don’t need be a part of this.  We’re going to have to pass by and not help a lot of people in need.  Our goal is too important to too many. "



My parents didn’t set the bar very high, so maybe I really can’t tell the difference.

If you’re really craving a lecture I can give you one, but something tells me you wouldn’t listen. 

90 percent of the icons i use are from a 4:00 short.  In less than five minutes max gave such a nuanced performance that every second counted. He’s an amazing actor and I will fight you on this. 

also sometimes i feel creepy for knowing that 


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